Mercury 4 精密激光剝線系統


High performance | Low cost | Compact | Flexible

Laser Wire Solutions’ new Mercury-4 laser wire strippers are an excellent multipurpose tool for any precision wire stripping requirements. Designed with cost in mind for general purpose stripping of performance electronics.


The Merucry 4 system offers a breakthrough interms of both price and stripping performance. Akey factor in the design has been to minimize the machine foot print on the Operator’s bench and set the wire load height at an ergonomic level when used from a sitting position.



Unlike conventional laser wire strippers - the Mercury-4 utilizes high speed double sided galvoscanner technology. This allows high accuracy positioning of the laser beam at unprecedented speeds . The laser can be simply configured for endstrips, window cuts, slits or even area vaporization

不同于傳統的激光剝線機, Mercury 4采用了高速雙面鏡頭掃描技術。這使得系統能夠在非常高速下實現激光束高精度定位。通過簡單設置,可以實現端頭剝線、開窗、縱切甚至區域蒸發燒蝕等應用。

Available in 2 orientations and 3 power versions (20 watt , 30 Watt,40Watt)

2種機型和3種功率20瓦、 30瓦、 40瓦可供選擇

Vertical : for the smallest laser wire stripper footprint on the market

垂直放置型: 目前市場上最小尺寸的激光剝線機

Horizontal: Small foot-print with minimum maintenance-optics arranged at right angles to wires

水平放置型:小尺寸、 維護少、 光學器件安裝在導線剝頭適合角度位置