\Laser Wire Solutions’ Mercury laser wire strippers are an excellent multi-purpose tool for any precision wire stripping requirements.


Technology  技術原理:

Featuring carbon-dioxide laser technology, the Mercury strippers vaporize any polymer insulation cleanly and precisely, whilst harmlessly reflecting from the shield or conductor—giving a perfect nick-free strip every time.


Available in 3 models and 2 power versions, all in the same compact footprint.


Mercury-1X : Entry level model for stripping the ends of wires and jackets


Mercury-2X: Most flexible solution allowing slitting along the wire as well as stripping the wire ends. Makes the job of peeling back a long jacket, or making a window a piece of cake.


Mercury-3X: Ablation (remove an area of insulation by vaporization)


Features & Benefits  性能特點和優勢:

Versatile: 52 AWG to 6 AWG, single conductor, coax and ribbons. All insulations

使用范圍寬:線徑從52 AWG-6 AWG,單股導線、同軸線和帶狀扁平電纜,滿足各種絕緣材料切割

Reliable: off-the-shelf integrated motion stages, sealed USA manufactured lasers and optics. USA off-the-shelf control system.


Fast: Up to 250 mm per second stripping stage speed to maximize your production


Compact: 620 x 720 mm footprint

結構緊湊:500mm x 500mm 臺式安裝

Precise: +/- 0.1 mm repeatability for the best quality every time
高精度:+/- 0.1mm的重復精度,每次剝線都提供一致的質量效果

Flexible: configure for use with a measure & cut unit for automatic laser stripping


Lowest cost of ownership: No laser or machine wear parts.Spare parts available direct from OEM vendor.


Specifications  技術參數:



We serve the global market, both directly and through local agents. All of our products comply with the latest US and European safety standards


Laser Wire Solutions is a leading provider of laser stripping solutions for the highest quality medical, defence and aerospace interconnects. We can support you with proof of principle samples, contract manufacturing services or ma-chine supply, including customization. Check out our website for more information.

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